Rise Women – Podcast

It’s been a while!

I think of writing often, but somehow don’t. I’m not sure why that is, but I think that lately I’ve felt my life has reverted to business as usual, and there is a limit to how long you can keep on just writing about yourself, especially if you feel that you don’t have anything particular to say. And I say that not in a negative way, but a very positive way. Perhaps I have finally worked out how to be me.

However, I was recently asked to do an interview for a podcast and thought I would share the link here. Rise Women – who interviewed me – are a great organisation committed to supporting women to be their most confident selves and I was very humbled to be asked. Everyone who has read this blog will know that I am person who is not always at their best, and that’s kind of what I talk about – alongside a lot of things I’ve written about on here.

So if you fancy listening to me, rather than reading about me for a change, please do click on the link below – and why not follow Rise Women as well?

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